Salvation Army Hotel Vouchers for Homeless

Salvation Army Hotel Vouchers

Day in and day out, several people fall into poverty. With the changing economic landscape and the gap between the rich and the poor getting even more significant, it comes as no shock that the homeless numbers in America are rising. The number of homeless people in America has been on the rise, and as of January 2020, the numbers hit 580,466 homeless people in America.

Many organizations and charities provide shelter, food, and clothing for the homeless. One such organization is The Salvation Army. They not only provide food and financial support but also help rehabilitate people by equipping them with a place to live and get their life back on track.

Living life and going through your day gets even more challenging as a homeless person. Organizations like The Salvation Army are very accomodating to the people going through hard times in their life. The everyday challenges are even harder for the needy. Being poor is expensive. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the services provided for the homeless by The Salvation Army and how you can avail them. But first, let’s find out what The Salvation Army actually is.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

This charitable organization, started all the way back in 1852, is a Protestant Christian Church that works in 132 countries. It has 1.7 million supporters and is well-known for running charity shops and shelters for people that are homeless. They also help in providing disaster relief and tend to deliver humanitarian aid. Whether you’re facing financial difficulties or you find yourself without a home (both of which tend to go hand in hand), you can always count on The Salvation Army to help you get back on your feet.

This group consists of members divided into ranks similar to those of the army- officers, soldiers, and adherents. They’re collectively called the Slavationsists. Together, these people help more than 30 million Americans every year, assisting every person without consideration of religious or social background.

The Salvation Army is well known for its churches, charity shops like thrift stores, rehabilitation centres, and homeless shelters. However, they also provide child homes, elderly homes, refuge centres, mother and baby homes, schools and after-school programs, food pantries, overnight warming stations, cooling stations, etc.

What Is Salvation Army Free Hotel Vouchers?

Several governmental, non-governmental, and faith-based organizations like the Salvation army provide help through hotel vouchers. Depending on your financial condition and overall situation, you will be provided assistance to receive this Salvation Army hotel voucher (AKA Salvation Army Motel voucher).

When an individual is hit with a crisis or calamity or is just going through an unstable period financially, hotel vouchers are provided by these organizations to support and rehabilitate them for some time, as they cannot deliver financial support every time.

Upon receiving the voucher, you can visit the designated hotel/motel/shelter and provide them with the required documents, including the voucher. In most cases, the motel voucher can be used at a local motel or other business that already has some sort of agreement with the agency. These vouchers tend to be valid for one or two days only.

How Do I Get the Salvation Army Hotel Voucher

There are many organizations that provide hotel or motel vouchers to help the homeless. Municipal organizations, church charities, Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s), and of course, The Salvation Army are some examples of places where you can find a hotel voucher near you. You can obtain Salvation Army vouchers either by contacting your local Salvation Army office or by searching on the internet for them. After staying at the public housing/shelter organization using the hotel/motel voucher, you’ll have to return to The Salvation Army and give the voucher back.

Eligibility for Salvation Army Hotel Vouchers ProgramĀ 

With their limited funding, these charitable organizations can’t keep supporting several people to a great extent. Instead, they have to select people who are in dire need of some form of support and are working hard to break the cycle of homelessness.

If you’re in urgent assistance and need to have shelter for a short period of time, you’ll be provided with the Salvation Army hotel vouchers program. However, you will also have to show your Income statement. Suppose the organization finds that you’re below the poverty line and really need their assistance (for instance, when you have no other choice to stay, like with a friend or family member, etc.). In that case, they’ll give you the hotel voucher immediately.

The documents required for getting a hotel voucher nearby are a photo ID, income status, and any other helpful document that would prove to them that you need asylum. If you’re in a problematic condition, make sure to explain to them why and how long you’ll need some shelter. Generally, the agencies only provide shelter for a day or two or a few days at best.

The Salvation Army and organizations like it prefer to provide shelter to people that are in dire need and will require shelter for only a short period. They look for driven and motivated individuals seeking employment and will be able to break through their hard times.

What Services Does The Salvation Army Provide?

The Salvation Army has a lot to provide for struggling and homeless people. They aid by giving financial help and shelter, and emotional support through trying times when less fortunate people need it the most.

The Salvation Army provides a variety of programs to benefit needy people. These are explained below-

Lifehouses (supported Housing)


In countries like UK and Ireland, The Salvation Army has more than 80 supported housing services for the benefit of the less fortunate. Here, they provide a person-centric approach for helping the person reach out of their slump.

Since every person has a different experience and differing goals in life, the agency has recognized a need for providing the services that they can appreciate in life. The Salvation Army does provide them with a shelter to have a safe place to stay, but it also provides them with assistance in other problems like employment, debt, mental health, addiction, training, and loneliness.

With the help of The Salvation Army hotel vouchers program, homeless people can turn their lives around, using employment assistance and training to get jobs like credit claimers, debt workers, dentists, or doctors. The addiction program can help them deal with substance abuse, and several classes like art, ‘cook and eat’ sessions, etc., will help build a hobby and lifestyle for the person- perhaps even a career.

When a person moves out of the Lifehouse, The Salvation Army also helps them furnish and decorate their new property. Thus, by providing a special sort of support to each person, depending on their personality and needs, The Salvation Army helps rehabilitate them.

The Lifehouses are also used to provide temporary settlements to rough sleepers. Rough sleepers refer to those homeless people who sleep in places that aren’t designed for inhabitation. These include doorways, bus stands, streets, parks, benches, etc.

The average rough sleepers suffer from various physical issues, like low bone density, kidney problems, and mental health problems like depression and suicidal thoughts, along with substance abuse issues. It gets even more challenging for the rough sleepers to find rest outside on cold nights. The Salvation Army reaches out to rough sleepers and helps them by providing them shelter and support.



This new instalment to The Salvation Army is a mini housing program that is equipped to provide safety, shelter, and dignity to the homeless. It’s an innovative and state-of-the-art way to prevent the homeless from sleeping in vulnerable places. A single NAPpad, or Night-time Accommodation Project, consists of 4 covid-secure flats.

Each of these pads is built keeping in mind the safety of the person living inside and is made in accordance with Building Control standards.

The micro flats or pads are heated and contain temperature control, have electricity and a charging station, as well as run water. Their either connected to the mainline for electricity or individually run on generators.

Moreover, keeping in mind the traumatic conditions many homeless people go through, these pads are fitted with vital life signs sensors that detect when a person has stopped breathing and alert emergency services of the person’s condition and location to provide him/her the required medical assistance quickly.

The NAPpads are easy to transport, as their size is similar to that of a shipping container. Safe, moveable, and cost-efficient, it proves to be one of the best forms of accommodation for the homeless.

Housing First

Housing First

Through the help of this scheme, homeless people are supported to find accommodation first and foremost. When some individuals go through long periods of homelessness, they want nothing more than to get a new house they can call their own quickly. The Salvation Army helps these individuals by first addressing their housing problems and helping them find an affordable place to stay.

Once they have a safe and affordable place to stay, they can address all the other problems like mental health issues or addiction. Moreover, The Salvation Army isn’t the landlord of the housing service provided.



This service supports people who wish to have someone to talk to and provide them with advice. You don’t need an appointment for this. You may receive a number of services like a shower, warm clothes, a meal, and even specialist services where you can talk to people that will help you with drug, alcohol abuse, mental and physical wellbeing, etc.

Night Shelters

Night Shelters by Salvation Army

In order to help rough sleepers by providing them temporary accommodation, especially in times of extreme weather, The Salvation Army sets up night shelters in their offices or other buildings, working along with local churches occasionally.

These shelters provide a warm bed, protection, and shelter, and some also have additional services like support and training, mental health, alcohol, and drug abuse specialists.

Other Services

  • Floating support services are provided to those homeless people that have already found a form of accommodation. This service helps them by providing support in their own accommodation or the other shelter service. This program often helps recover the less fortunate from their housing crises.
  • Several addiction services targeted towards the homeless help them with changing their lifestyle in order to turn their life around. The Salvation Army has a 150-year history with addiction treatment and provides support to thousands of people seeking to recover from their substance abuse problems.
  • Chaplains from The Salvation Army are present at Lifehouses to provide a patient ear to the people. The chaplain is responsible for holding Christian worships and commemorating festivals or other national events while also exploring the person’s mental state. Occasionally, they may also ask the person to consider positive spirituality to better their lives.
  • The Bus Project, which provides food, clothing, and warm shelter for people plagued with homelessness, is one of the most beneficial projects that The Salvation Army provides.

The Salvation Army’s Long-Term Housing Programs

We have discussed several options available from The Salvation Army that help get homeless people off the streets, providing them with temporary shelter. However, these are only available to provide the homeless with a place to reside while they search for other employment opportunities. There are other services that the Salvation Army delivers that allow homeless people to gain permanent housing solutions as well.

The Permanent Supportive Housing program is used for the betterment of a number of groups. For instance, they provide the elderly with a safe place to stay and affordable housing for those coming from low-income families.

Many people throughout the country are trying to claw their way above the poverty line but struggle to do so. Affordable housing comes as a great boon to them. Moreover, families living in unsafe areas and wanting to provide a safer environment for their children can seek assistance with The Salvation Army for options of affordable permanent housing solutions.

Other Organizations That Also Provide Housing Services

If you’re going through a hard time, it’s always best for you to try and contact as many agencies as you can and increase your chances of getting assistance. Some other organizations where you can also apply to receive shelter are-

  • 100,000 Homes Campaign
  • The American Red Cross
  • Bill Wilson Centre
  • Caretakers Cottage
  • Catholic Charities
  • Empowerment Plan
  • Homes for the Homeless
  • HOPE Atlanta

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the free hotel voucher or the free motel voucher?

A Salvation Army hotel vouchers program acts as a piece of the document provided to you by an organization (that may be governmental or non-governmental) or agency that you can present at the designated hotel, motel, or any other public housing organization, where they can provide you with a shelter. The voucher essentially acts as a prepaid ticket for you to stay in a room.

What is the validity of a Free Hotel voucher?

The validity of each voucher varies, depending upon the type of agreement between the agency that issues the voucher and the hotel or motel where you will be staying. It is also dependent on your financial condition. However, in general, the voucher is only good for one or two days or a few days at best.

Where can I get a free hotel voucher near me?

Many organizations provide free hotel or motel vouchers for the homeless. This includes governmental, non-governmental, Catholic Charities, and other faith-based organizations like The Salvation Army. You can also find the Free Salvation Army Hotel Voucher from the nearest Salvation Army office.

What is the requirement/eligibility for free salvation army hotel vouchers?

Homeless people or people suffering from financial, social, or natural calamities can find housing using the free vouchers. Here, the priority is given on a first-come, first-serve basis. Moreover, the agency will be inclined to help you if they feel you can make good use of the time provided and break off from the cycle of homelessness. They prefer to provide temporary housing to people that search for employment or have no other place to go to.

What does The Salvation Army homeless shelter provide?

The homeless shelters of the Salvation Army provide warm food, water, and other survival needs. Moreover, they also help the people recover by talking to them and giving advice to turn their lives around or by listening to their problems. Some shelters even go a step further by helping the homeless with their housing situation and providing mental and emotional support.

Moreover, they provide Supportive Housing Assistance to low-income families or families with elderly members.

Last Words

Hundreds of thousands of people annually fall into the clutches of homelessness; it is then essential for the government and for us as human beings to prevent our vulnerable brothers and sisters from going deeper below the poverty line.

Organizations like The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, The American Red Cross, and many others work with or without their religious beliefs to benefit the needy, but without discriminating on the basis of race, caste, or sex. Moreover, several governmental programs are put in place to recover these citizens during their unfortunate times.

You can also support these organizations and help benefit the homeless. These organizations will use your money to help those affected by financial problems, natural disasters, or other personal issues.

It’s best to seek help as soon as possible in times of need, and to be safe, apply to as many organizations as you possibly can. It increases your chances of getting assistance.

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